There’s a rule that was once told to me by my Intro Creative Writing Professor that, after 10,000 hours of experience – directed and focused involvement working towards a goal – that you become an “expert” in that area. Now I may have muffed the rule a little bit, but the basic concept is still intact. To give you an example of this, I present to you an artist who goes by the name of A-Trak. You may have heard of him before, you may not. For background he was Kanye West’s DJ of choice when touring some years back. If that turns you off, then I’m sorry, you’ll be missing out. He’s been mixing since he could twist a knob it seems – winning DMC’s World DJ Championship in 1997 at 15 years of age, still the youngest winning DJ in history. I call the 10,000 hour rule in effect on Mr. A-Trak and advise you to search out his stuff. For convenience I’ve supplied his latest mix, a more hip-hop infused listen than some of his other mixtapes, for you to pick up. Totally Free. From the wonderful people at bandcamp.