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Sorry for the hiatus, but I’ve been busy traveling all around the country introducing people to the lost sport (most people would probably call it an art) of Turtle Scrumpin.

While the concept may seem simple… the process takes years to perfect. The first thing you must have is a large turtle infested body of water and preferably a boat. Teams usually consist of four members… one driver… one deck man man… and two divers. Each position is equally important for success…. polarized sunglasses are frowned upon.

All four members scan the water for surfacing turtles. Once one is spotted the deck man decides to proceed or not… and at what speed. This decision is based on location of the turtle…. whether it is shallow or deep… and what kind of structure we are dealing with in the area. The speed at which you approach you target is one of the biggest rookie mistakes. Many young bucks zoom towards a turtle creating a wake and stirring up dirt. This is immature and also looked down upon. You will not have long term success acting in this manner.

I encourage anyone interested in scrumpin to educate themselves as much as they can on the role that weather, time of day, and mating patterns plays in our sport. However, taking classes to further educate yourself is looked down upon.

Once the driver nears the target the turtle will either remain swimming near the surface or quickly dive to great depths. If the turtle stays just below the surface it is basically a guaranteed catch for an experienced scrumper. However, if it dives… be ready for a fight. You cannot think twice when a turtle dives. The scrumper must instantly dive with the turtle. Most of the time if you act on reflex like this you will be able to retrieve the turtle.

Divers are required to have passed some sort of swimming instruction… at some point in their life. Skimpy outfits are necessary… so that the diver glides through the water as fast as the turtle. if you where contacts… face it… you will never be a diver. A diver must be able to open their eyes under water if the turtle is out of reach. The use of goggles is looked down upon.

So why take up scrumpin?? The rush! I haven’t found a better feeling than when I come up from a dive with my hands wrapped around a good size turtle.

We are currently discussing with ESPN the idea of trying to bring back this lost past time by featuring not only a weekly show, but an annual tournament. Of course this is a work in process, but I will be keeping everyone up to date on what we find out.


My obsession with teenage female pop icons is no secret…. and if this is new to you… then maybe you should take a look at how well you think you know a person.

Now when I say teenage girl pop icons I am not talking about Hannah Nevada and Frizzy Mcguire…. or any girl involved in this new age vampire bull shit.

I’m talking about the real deal….!

I’m talking about Marcia Brady….. Kelly Kapowski…. Carol Seaver….. and any of those foxes from the Golden Girls…. to name a few. Everybody loves the Brady Brunch, Growing Pains, and Saved By the Bell….. .

Three very different teenage actors all in three very different shows… at different points in time.

Let me stop before I try to make this post into  more than it is…. because all I am trying to do is talk about my fascination with Marcia Brady…. Nick at Night really is a gift.

29 year old Missouri resident Chris Shaw won the 258 million dollar jackpot today. While 258 million dollars would be quite a day for anyone, but it seems extra special for this convenience store clerk.

Shaw who had a total of just under 29 dollars in his bank account before this has been working for 7.25 an hour at the local convenient store. Even with heavy pockets Shaw is not sure that he is ready to quit his job, which he has been working for the last three weeks.

He has the option to either take a lump sum of about 125 million or receive payment through a 29 year long annuity consisting of 30 equal payments. Suprisingly Shaw is no newb when it comes to playing the lottery. He has won up to 80 dollars before this.

However he chooses to receive his newly found wealth I have to wonder how long he will make it last. Of course everyone reading this is thinking that you wouldn’t even have to think at all to not spend that much money, but it could happen. Maybe we will hear of this guy in the next ten years, because he has donated a large sum to a good cause…. or maybe because he spent it all on useless things….

but for now all Chris Shaw is thinking about is taking himself and two sets of kids to Disney World!!

check it out


So you are always hearing about people “going green”…. what the hell does it actually mean?

I actually couldn’t tell you, but a good place to start to find out is with a company by the name of Converted Organics. They are a completely organic fertilizer company that has taken a giant step in the right direction that I believe agriculture needs to take.

Converted Organics’ all natural fertilizer, which is made from food waste, is being used from large scale organic agriculture to people’s individual lawns and gardens. The unique patented process that Converted Organics uses is basically a very large scale form of backyard composting. The main difference, other than size, is that Converted Organics introduces additional oxygen into the process, which turns a few months process into a matter of hours.

The main difference between organic fertilizer and synthetic fertilizer is how long it takes the effects to become noticeable.

Synthetic fertilizers directly feed the plant resulting in a very quick and noticeable amount of color change and growth. However, these results are very short-lived and require many applications. All the while chemical fertilizers are degrading the quality of the soil and getting washed into local waterways.

Organic fertilizers feed the soil instead of feeding the plant directly. This is how nature intends the process to work and is the only way that agriculture is sustainable in the long run. While many applications of synthetic fertilizers are needed during the growing season, organic fertilizers slowly feed the plant for up to 8 to 10 weeks when the plant calls for it. This improves not only the overall growth of a plant, but helps establish a stronger root system, better color, and better resistance to disease and extreme weather.

So why do people continue to use synthetic applications….???

Well the number one reason is that they believe it to be far cheaper than organic applications. What many farmers and people fail to realize is that over the course of a growing season you end up paying roughly the same amount for 2-3 applications of synthetic fertilizer as you do for one application of an organic fertilizer, such as Converted Organics. Looking past one growing season you realize that applying chemical fertilizers becomes increasingly more expensive in the long run. The reason for this is that eventually something drastic must be done to improve the soil quality that has been so poorly fertilized. The most common method is to give the soil a break from growing such nutrient needy crops. Well that means sacrificing a couple years of growing the real money-making crops, which means the piggy bank will be half full for a couple years.

Another thing not to worry about is the odor of Converted Organics. Unlike other organic fertilizers that smell like manure there is no odor before or after application when using Converted Organics product.

Over the past couple years Converted Organics has been struggling with clearing their debt and actually making substantial revenue. However, on April 13, 2010 Converted Organics reported revenue of 811,600 for the first quarter of 2010, which is a 65% gain over last year’s first quarter earnings report. The main thing that has helped revenues is that Converted Organics product is not available in Home Depot and Walmart all over the country.

I know what I’m working into the garden this year, I hope you do too.

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