Growing up in Connecticut, edging northern VA, and now southwest VA has given me a lot to think about.  Simply, I have views, opinions, and ways of thinking.  I enjoy simple things that bring joy.  Reading, writing, running, music, art, etc.  It’s the simple things that we often overlook and it’s those same simple things that make us unique and interesting to each other.  This is my attempt to embrace those unique differences and foster interest in things that I find intriguing with the idea that maybe you, the reader, will enjoy.  If not, thanks for reading.



I’ve grown up in central Virginia living in the same place all of my life. Moving to southwest Virginia has not only taught me a lot of new things, but allowed me to meet some of the most interesting and diverse people that I think I will ever come across.  I hope to add to this blog different topics and different perspectives in order to attract readers who maybe before would have overlooked it.