I’ve always been intrigued by illustrations, art, design, etc. Lately I’ve seen a lot of great looking posters. One thing that I’ve noticed is how the Text Plays off the image and colors behind it. I believe – my opinion being influenced by many different observations – the text should stand for itself, seperate and functional by itself, yet still falling along hand-in-hand with the rest of the poster’s contents. I think watching the documentary “Helvetica” sparked this type of interest and ways of thinking. It was neat to see both sides of a seemingly eternal argument over a single font and it’s design implications and interpretations. I found myself siding with the Swedish designers who from which I developed my theory on text and fonts in posters.

I’m honestly not sure who designed this, but this is the type of focus I’m getting at. Working with colors and the space around the text rather than the text itself.

And my own attempt at a poster