29 year old Missouri resident Chris Shaw won the 258 million dollar jackpot today. While 258 million dollars would be quite a day for anyone, but it seems extra special for this convenience store clerk.

Shaw who had a total of just under 29 dollars in his bank account before this has been working for 7.25 an hour at the local convenient store. Even with heavy pockets Shaw is not sure that he is ready to quit his job, which he has been working for the last three weeks.

He has the option to either take a lump sum of about 125 million or receive payment through a 29 year long annuity consisting of 30 equal payments. Suprisingly Shaw is no newb when it comes to playing the lottery. He has won up to 80 dollars before this.

However he chooses to receive his newly found wealth I have to wonder how long he will make it last. Of course everyone reading this is thinking that you wouldn’t even have to think at all to not spend that much money, but it could happen. Maybe we will hear of this guy in the next ten years, because he has donated a large sum to a good cause…. or maybe because he spent it all on useless things….

but for now all Chris Shaw is thinking about is taking himself and two sets of kids to Disney World!!

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