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There are very, very few – my friends can vouch – women I would call stunning. I could count the number I’ve met in real life on one hand. I realize this post is filled with a massive amount of what could be taken as douchebaggery, but shouldn’t as I don’t consider myself any type of Brad Pitt, or even a sofa-jumping Tom Cruise – does acting crazy about a women make you less attractive in his case? I’m simply stating that in life you see or happen by absolutely gorgeous people who in some strange way seem to easily express themselves through their features. It’s a type of complete comfort and easiness that draws you in and in many cases, makes you feel like it’d be amazing to be something special to them. I don’t know if this is making sense, but honestly there are some people who somehow look as if their insides are showing through and it’s nothing short of jaw-dropping. Perfect example: Natalie Portman

Even with a shaved head she is completely graceful.


I went home to watch my brother graduate from high school this past weekend.

My grandparents, Aunt, Sister, Nephew and long-time family friend all came down from up north for the celebration.

It was the first time I’d ever gotten to see my nephew Finn. And so we hung out a lot.

We had a man trip too – just men, no women. We went up to D.C., my dad, pop-pop and I that is, to see the World War II Memorial. My Pop-pop served during WWII and has told me many stories I wish I could remember exactly as he tells them.

It’s bigger than that, but you can check it out for yourself. It was a good trip home and good to see family again and especially good to see the kid graduate….

I’ve always been intrigued by illustrations, art, design, etc. Lately I’ve seen a lot of great looking posters. One thing that I’ve noticed is how the Text Plays off the image and colors behind it. I believe – my opinion being influenced by many different observations – the text should stand for itself, seperate and functional by itself, yet still falling along hand-in-hand with the rest of the poster’s contents. I think watching the documentary “Helvetica” sparked this type of interest and ways of thinking. It was neat to see both sides of a seemingly eternal argument over a single font and it’s design implications and interpretations. I found myself siding with the Swedish designers who from which I developed my theory on text and fonts in posters.

I’m honestly not sure who designed this, but this is the type of focus I’m getting at. Working with colors and the space around the text rather than the text itself.

And my own attempt at a poster

There’s a rule that was once told to me by my Intro Creative Writing Professor that, after 10,000 hours of experience – directed and focused involvement working towards a goal – that you become an “expert” in that area. Now I may have muffed the rule a little bit, but the basic concept is still intact. To give you an example of this, I present to you an artist who goes by the name of A-Trak. You may have heard of him before, you may not. For background he was Kanye West’s DJ of choice when touring some years back. If that turns you off, then I’m sorry, you’ll be missing out. He’s been mixing since he could twist a knob it seems – winning DMC’s World DJ Championship in 1997 at 15 years of age, still the youngest winning DJ in history. I call the 10,000 hour rule in effect on Mr. A-Trak and advise you to search out his stuff. For convenience I’ve supplied his latest mix, a more hip-hop infused listen than some of his other mixtapes, for you to pick up. Totally Free. From the wonderful people at bandcamp.

Sorry for the hiatus, but I’ve been busy traveling all around the country introducing people to the lost sport (most people would probably call it an art) of Turtle Scrumpin.

While the concept may seem simple… the process takes years to perfect. The first thing you must have is a large turtle infested body of water and preferably a boat. Teams usually consist of four members… one driver… one deck man man… and two divers. Each position is equally important for success…. polarized sunglasses are frowned upon.

All four members scan the water for surfacing turtles. Once one is spotted the deck man decides to proceed or not… and at what speed. This decision is based on location of the turtle…. whether it is shallow or deep… and what kind of structure we are dealing with in the area. The speed at which you approach you target is one of the biggest rookie mistakes. Many young bucks zoom towards a turtle creating a wake and stirring up dirt. This is immature and also looked down upon. You will not have long term success acting in this manner.

I encourage anyone interested in scrumpin to educate themselves as much as they can on the role that weather, time of day, and mating patterns plays in our sport. However, taking classes to further educate yourself is looked down upon.

Once the driver nears the target the turtle will either remain swimming near the surface or quickly dive to great depths. If the turtle stays just below the surface it is basically a guaranteed catch for an experienced scrumper. However, if it dives… be ready for a fight. You cannot think twice when a turtle dives. The scrumper must instantly dive with the turtle. Most of the time if you act on reflex like this you will be able to retrieve the turtle.

Divers are required to have passed some sort of swimming instruction… at some point in their life. Skimpy outfits are necessary… so that the diver glides through the water as fast as the turtle. if you where contacts… face it… you will never be a diver. A diver must be able to open their eyes under water if the turtle is out of reach. The use of goggles is looked down upon.

So why take up scrumpin?? The rush! I haven’t found a better feeling than when I come up from a dive with my hands wrapped around a good size turtle.

We are currently discussing with ESPN the idea of trying to bring back this lost past time by featuring not only a weekly show, but an annual tournament. Of course this is a work in process, but I will be keeping everyone up to date on what we find out.