My obsession with teenage female pop icons is no secret…. and if this is new to you… then maybe you should take a look at how well you think you know a person.

Now when I say teenage girl pop icons I am not talking about Hannah Nevada and Frizzy Mcguire…. or any girl involved in this new age vampire bull shit.

I’m talking about the real deal….!

I’m talking about Marcia Brady….. Kelly Kapowski…. Carol Seaver….. and any of those foxes from the Golden Girls…. to name a few. Everybody loves the Brady Brunch, Growing Pains, and Saved By the Bell….. .

Three very different teenage actors all in three very different shows… at different points in time.

Let me stop before I try to make this post into  more than it is…. because all I am trying to do is talk about my fascination with Marcia Brady…. Nick at Night really is a gift.