Sometimes this past semester I’d just be sitting there, in one class or another, and start to look around. You’d be amazed at all the little things that make up a classroom. I found that, a lot of times, all you had to do was look down at your own desk to find the most interesting stuff. I’ve got my favorites, like the penis hands man with a monster stomach, as well as the equation of life. I also don’t understand some of the stuff, but isn’t that what’s so interesting about it? I mean, here you have written, or drawn rather, historical communication and expression from who knows how long ago. You could be commenting on a drawing a couple years old and then a year later someone else adds to your comment and so on. Unless…. of course, the desks are cleaned after break, which would be very, very sad. Anyways, you wanted to share this with you. Sorry for the quality, it was my camera phone. Maybe next time you find yourself spacing, look down at the desk….