I’ve recently developed a strong interest in a car. I’m not a car guy; never was and never will be most likely, just like how some look. Now, I could be quoted as saying I would never buy an outlandishly expensive car and, relative to other higher priced cars, this still may not qualify as outlandish – with current funds falls in the dream car category for me- but I’d think about eating my own words for this one….

The Fiat Dino 2400 Spider. Shooooooo Eeeee.

I won’t bag on the whole 4th of July setup going on there, mostly because the car is so smooth. I did some looking around, thinking ‘hey, maybe I could fix one up!’ Nope. Cheapest I could find needed a bunch of work and still was going for over 20 grand. Luckily theres the simple Fiat 124/2000 Spider thats a little more affordable while sacrificing a TON of motor in the process, but honestly… I’m no Speed Racer – the only ticket I’ve gotten was only 11 over and I hadn’t seen the limit of the road since I had turned onto it. I’ll lay it straight too, you do lose a little bit of the sexiness as well when you downgrade, but still, I’d love it.

While daydreaming and visualizing myself cruising along the blue ridge parkway, sun hanging perfectly still along the ridge, wind streaming up and around the windshield and down over my face, I also came upon this video and thought, for a few seconds, that I might just pack my bags and move to Europe, where, I’m sorry America, they exude this resilient type of timeless style that seemingly cannot be copied anywhere else.