There are very, very few – my friends can vouch – women I would call stunning. I could count the number I’ve met in real life on one hand. I realize this post is filled with a massive amount of what could be taken as douchebaggery, but shouldn’t as I don’t consider myself any type of Brad Pitt, or even a sofa-jumping Tom Cruise – does acting crazy about a women make you less attractive in his case? I’m simply stating that in life you see or happen by absolutely gorgeous people who in some strange way seem to easily express themselves through their features. It’s a type of complete comfort and easiness that draws you in and in many cases, makes you feel like it’d be amazing to be something special to them. I don’t know if this is making sense, but honestly there are some people who somehow look as if their insides are showing through and it’s nothing short of jaw-dropping. Perfect example: Natalie Portman

Even with a shaved head she is completely graceful.