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It’s been a good run… it’s been fun and cool and interesting, but I’m sorry. We’re moving our page to tumblr – a newer, more network savvy site with greater customization tools. Thanks for reading here on WordPress and event though WordPress is amazing in itself, head on over to for more Dripppyfingers write ups.


So you’re enjoying yourself at a party and all of a sudden see an Amish lookin’ fella peering over.  Whatta’ you do?

Depends on who you are I guess.  Turns out, he’s not Amish at all.  Name’s Davis and over a year later I’ve found he’s got more stories to tell than a gray haired grandpa formerly addicted to meth.  That’s one of the many reasons why hes officially a new contributor on the Drippyfingers’ Writing Staff.  It’s sounding more official every day, right?  Seriously though, the guy’s legit and I vouch for him.  Check out his latest post on planting peas listed in “Once It Hits Your Lips”.  I had to create a whole new category called “Thoreau is My Homeboy”  just for him.  The bio will be up soon, but until then, bask in the Amish ambiance.