I know a lot of songs posted on here are a bit faster, a bit harder, etc. and so I’m giving you a break here. It’s the summer and sometimes you need a little break. Some remixes. Some originals. Give each one a 30 sec chance.

Yael Naim’s voice is pretty smooth. You just sort of melt in your chair when you listen to her. Go Listen to the Toxic cover of the Britney Spears song first.

Truthfully, I found it from this remix, which is a little more upbeat…

You might know Yael from New Soul and if you don’t want to download her after this, get a life.

Next up is a group out of Portland, Oregon called Mimicking Birds. This isn’t even their best song in my opinion, but it was one of the only ones available on Soundcloud. The fact that it’s still legit shows how deep their album is. It should be too as the assisting producer is named Isaac Brock – front man of the mammoth Modest Mouse. Recorded in Brock’s home studio, this is the group’s debut album. You should download it.

I Am Noxious is an interesting artist running below the radar. Lots of songs about love it seems when you check out his myspace page. Who knows, maybe he’s got a lot of love to give. Anyways this is a good cover and interesting take on the Black Eyed Peas – I Gotta Feeling. Promise it won’t make you want to stick a gun in your mouth.