Back in the day, maybe the 80’s some would say… music and the videos associated with them were entertaining. Not just the music by itself, but the video and music in combination. Some artists have not forgotten of those days. While these might not be your slice of pecan pie, give ’em a looksie.

Classixx – could do a whole post on them; maybe I still will….Check ’em out

Carte Blanche (DJ Mehdi and Riton paired up) – Apparently they copied this from someone else is the word in the comment section, but it’s the first time I’ve seen it, so works for me.

Miami Horror – Great song and good video, just no real comprehension at the end…?.

[Youtube =

Gameboy Gamegirl – Miami Horror actually helped in production of this song and as the 80’s/late 90’s trends have been making leaping come backs, why not enjoy it a little?

Daft Punk – You can call me on this for picking it more for the song, but really, how can you leave out Daft Punk? I’ll leave you with a calm one.