Chewbacca relieved.  Work hard a lot and need break often.  When Star Wars end Chewbacca find job.  Need money – no play lead role, but ok.  Chewbacca get Leia in end.  Handle phone at work – like talk to people.  Good business mind.

Sometimes, Chewbacca think of time when growing and wonder where it go.  Remember laying in field, sun on face, fur itch, but happy.   Chewbacca fantasize run away.  Think of Leia and family and forget dream.  Family more than dream sometime.  Dream nice like cool whip, but in end, only empty calorie.  Family like steak dinner with sides – good to eat; leave full and no want more.

Chewbacca always want big house, not for self, but family.  Friends family too.  Have big house now.  Need make family say Leia, but Chewbacca still like poker with Jobba and Boba; not ready give up fun.

In end, know Leia right and make family, but now have fun.  Go frolf with Luke and Hans – Hans start speak again after Luke go talk; Leia still soft subject.  Chewbacca write soon.