Over the past weekend I did something new. I shaved and maintained a mustache. I found out some very interesting things. First, people always have opinions of mustaches and usually, those opinions are very strong, whether positive or negative. There seems to be no middle ground for the mustache. It’s either an outcast/creeper/molester, etc., or stoic/manly/more words that describe men. Maybe the second definition isn’t too spot on, but maybe you might know what I mean. For instance, while having the mustache I often forgot I had kept it and sometimes found myself looking up into the mirror after brushing my teeth or washing my hands and being a little creeped out myself by my own reflection.

Second refers maybe to my own opinion, but this can be debated if necessary. I found many of the people I talked to on regular occasions payed me a little more mind while I had the stache. Opinions offered in group meetings and at work were given more attention and weight. I also felt more general looks from both sexes, but attribute this more to the molester vibe rather than attractiveness because one, no one likes getting molested and two, the mustache add very few look at me points for even the lucky men like Brad Pitt.

So I’ve shared some of the insights into the project. How bout the sights? We were at a meet in Columbus, Ohio and had some time to kill on the second day of competition.

It’s not pretty and honestly I don’t know where the blond came from

My mustache and I did enjoy looking out our hotel window at the Mighty Olentangy River, also enjoying a rainy long run along its banks later that weekend.

We also were really intrigued by the abandoned greenhouses and garden center right next to our hotel.  I had planned to hop the fence and check out the inside, but ran out of time in the end.

Mustache, friends and I also tried to get into the OSU Football Stadium, but couldn’t as there was a lacrosse game going on and we didn’t want to shell out $5.

Then we found a sculpture and walked around, over and through it a little.

And finally our stomaches began to growl, or maybe we just thought we should eat, either way we stopped by Varsity Sports Bar or Varsity something or other, where I found I was not the only person interested in different effects of facial hair.

And finally, we made it home.  After a long, long ride.  I shaved about a day later, waving goodbye to the bits of hair that had made me so proud to have, yet so uncomfortable to show for those few days, a mustache.  It was an experience well worth the awkwardness.  Well worth the looks.  Well worth it all.  Give it a try.