So just skimming through my google reader today I came upon multiple posts about this video.  I personally love most of M.I.A.’s work and listen to a lot of her stuff off the Kala album.  I’ve also heard of Romain Gavras before as he directed the Justice video for their song “Stress”.  He’s one talented dude and honestly I thought the video was very well made.  There is one thing though…. This video made me think for the rest of the day about how screwed up life is sometimes and how caught up people get with certain ideas and beliefs.  I’m not saying this is something to take seriously and to heart, for I love red-heads from all over, but honestly things like this are scary.  Genocide is terrifying and I hope to never witness the effects of it on anyone.  It kinda makes you think what’s really happening in countries with massive government control.  Do we really know?  All right. Down off the soap box, but really, this video is a little disturbing – watch out for sagging breasts, violence and language.  Watch at your own discretion and don’t say I didn’t warn you….  I still don’t know a singular reason why I like this video, but can say I appreciate the craftsmanship put into this.

I’m sorry my Fair Haired Friends. I promise I will fight alongside you should this ever occur.