So Monday last week I went to bed and had many wonderful dreams. Dreams of seafaring pirates, toe-strumming banjo players and even a jump into a pie eating contest. Actually, I’m sorry, none of those happened because honestly none of my dreams are even remotely as cool as that. What did happen though is, upon waking, I sat up, did a few stretches, cracked the back and thought to myself…I’ll wear a tie today. I’ve been slowly collecting my share of ties over the years, some bad, some worse, and a few that I actually enjoy wearing. Lately I’ve been dropping by discount stores and thrift shops to see what I could scrounge up. I have a healthy, bordering violent, obsession with skinny ties. So when I saw the various pick ups below, you can imagine how happy I was to fork over my $1.05 for two of my latest additions. I found the blue and red striped one first and actually thought the pattern and colors were great for a summer button down. The other had castles on it and honestly I’ve never owned a brown tie with castles on it. Pretty nice still. Always remember though, when donning a tie, stripes don’t look that great when they’re paired up with a striped shirt. Think solids and stripes/dots with shirt and ties, or the opposite – hopefully you don’t have many dotted shirts. You don’t need a special occasion to wear one like most people think. That’s just in your head. Sometimes your head is wrong. Shake things up a little. Throw on a button down, tie, jeans, and plimsolls/desert boots and you’ll be fine. Anyways, happy ties for all.