Her name is Shaena Muldoon and she is the only woman in my life at the moment. She is the owner and manager of the one year old Palisades Restaurant located in Eggleston, Virginia. The Palisades, named after the Eggleston cliffs, is one of the best places I have ever eaten, and eating is no laughing matter to me.

My newly found oasis is located in the small town of Eggleston, which resides along the New River in Giles County right off of the Northern Pacific Railroad. The restaurant is located in the former Pyne’s General Store and is starting to capture the attention of not only locals and hungry college students, but people from all over Southwest Virginia.

While I have only been to the magnificent Sunday Brunch, I hope to maybe travel down to the local nursing home to pick up a pretty lady and take her out to dinner.  All of the pork, beef, trout, and produce are locally grown, which not only provides an excellent taste, but helps support the local economy.

Currently dinner is served every day except Monday. Saturday offers a special tea time, which is highly sought after, around one. Not only is there a Sunday brunch, but every Sunday night brings a new Bluegrass band. If you like old time music then Sunday dinner is a must.

While reservations are not required, except on holidays, they are appreciated for larger parties. There is also an upstairs banquet room, overlooking the river, which can be reserved for special occasions.

So do something new for once and I promise you won’t be disappointed. I hope to see you soon when we are fighting over the pancakes! For more information, other than my completely biased opinion, please visit http://thepalisadesrestaurant.com/.