So you’re enjoying yourself at a party and all of a sudden see an Amish lookin’ fella peering over.  Whatta’ you do?

Depends on who you are I guess.  Turns out, he’s not Amish at all.  Name’s Davis and over a year later I’ve found he’s got more stories to tell than a gray haired grandpa formerly addicted to meth.  That’s one of the many reasons why hes officially a new contributor on the Drippyfingers’ Writing Staff.  It’s sounding more official every day, right?  Seriously though, the guy’s legit and I vouch for him.  Check out his latest post on planting peas listed in “Once It Hits Your Lips”.  I had to create a whole new category called “Thoreau is My Homeboy”  just for him.  The bio will be up soon, but until then, bask in the Amish ambiance.