So I’ve been on a kick lately about simplifying almost everything I do.  From writing, eating, etc. I’ve been trying to convert to something a little more simple.  I’ve come to think that people tend to dress things up to convey some sort of greater importance, when in actuality everything boils down to basic facts.  Don’t ask me what all those basic facts are, because honestly, I have no idea, but I guess the point I’m trying to get at is, some people get it and some people don’t.  Simple right? Haha.  It might be about not being afraid to hide anything from anyone, or being comfortable enough to act the same around everyone you know, etc.  It’s just nice to see someone else thinking and writing about it as well.

Read a great post from Felix Cartel – a rediculously talented DJ with a new LP out called “Popular Music” – about his idea of simplicity (  It took me a few listens to appreciate more of the album than the main hits in Popular Music, Volcano, and Drone, but the stuff is there, you just have to let it roll over you.  Great music.