So I’ve been watching as certain styles develop and shift, etc. and quite honestly enjoy where where one certain style is going, just not the price tag associated with some brands. For instance the new L.L. Bean Signature line that has recently come out to great avail, thanks to GQ’s pumping of the brand through it’s magazine and online media, is actually really great. It’s simple, more sophisticated than Teeny brands, so you most likely won’t be shopping alongside a 13 year old, but honestly it doesn’t cost anywhere close to $69 to manufacture a button down shirt. Now before I get jumped, yes I know how the process works, that’s why I’m a month away from a marketing degree. But, and swaying the focus a little, how about a brand that focuses on simple quality merchandise with a more affordable price? Before you start citing Wal-Mart and others I’m talking a bit more sophisticated and yes that can be easily established through pricing, but what about using distribution and channels instead? What about instead of focusing on profit, focusing on a certain niche in the market that values and loves your product? Wouldn’t that seem, or rather feel much better? It’s not what shareholders would like to hear, but I guess that’s why there are some limitations associated with incorporating.

Now, it takes some time, but for those of you who value simplicity and your own style there are ways to get it on the dime. I’m sure you all have found various ways to achieve it already, but if you need some assistance – you’ve come upon a block, or just simply given in to convenience – give a look to Fruit of the Loom. You know all those V-Necks you’re buying at other retailers? Been selling them for years. Maybe not all the different colors you’d want, but you can’t go wrong with a 4 pack of black and gray for $10. Or maybe you’d like one of those simple hood less sweatshirts like eternal bad-ass Steve McQueen used to rock. 2-pack for $12. I mean maybe it’s because the lack of money makes you a little more frugal, but as I see it, it’s just living the same lifestyle you’re trying to buy except by saving more money it feels like you’re somewhat achieving more; living somewhat closer to what you envision. Who knows, maybe you are that vision. Anyways, save a dollar. You can use it somewhere else, like buying a piece of candy to share with a friend. Live simple.