Picture make Chewbacca feel nice inside.  Take back to innocence.  Things hard now.  Need job.  Need Money.  Too many need.  Back then, just need love and warm bed.  Love funny – make you want explode, cry, explode, yell, explode, then take nap.  Not all same time though, that more like diarrhea when sick.

This photo taken when Leia first start flirting with Chewbacca.  Like this time very much.  Leia no like picture as much.  Chewbacca just joking though.  Thought might be funny.  Also thought might want to touch Leia chest, so Chewbacca did.  Chewbacca no wait for opportunity to present, Chewbacca make opportunity come out and greet face to face.  That how most people should live life.  No think.  Just do.  Sometimes do things not proud of, but in the end worth it.  Look at Chewbacca; love life, family, cars, house.  Even love Hans when he no return phone calls.  Hans get new number?  Hans no want talk anymore?

Chewbacca get off track.  Was talking about love and happy things.  Pictures make Chewbacca happy.  They hold moment in glass frame like preserved jams.  No change the happiness found there.  Always stay same.  Always love.  Chewbacca go hug Leia now.  Tell her she smell like bed of petunias and lilies in middle of summer.  Post soon.