As with each season, there seems to be one day, one moment, a telling sign for your own personal changing of the seasons.  It may be as simple as a scarf in the winter, or sandals in the summer.  For me, and I’m sure I’m not alone, the springtime is categorized by what I and many friends before me have dubbed, “Skirt Season”.  There’s just something about women wearing skirts and dresses that alerts everyone around to the arrival of spring and the eventual, almost indistinguishable, slide into summer.

Skirt Season, as you may have guessed, is an appreciation – almost exaltation – of not just the seasonal ability to don a dress/skirt (for girls), but also the subsequent eying by the general male population.  Can you place blame though?  A beautiful women in a fitting – not “tight fitting”, but “fitting” – and flowing skirt on a sunny day is something that would brighten almost anybody’s day.  Warms my heart just thinking of such a thing.

There are some issues that should be brought up though.  Within SS people feel the need to prematurely break out the sandals, shorts, tanks, etc. even on days when it’s not so nice.  The thing is, dress for the weather.  I know it seems logical and maybe pointless to mention, but still, if it’s 35* out one morning don’t be walking around in rainbows, shorts and a polo.  We all know you’re excited, but we also know you’re cold.  We won’t think any different of you if you put on some jeans and a jacket.

So now that all’s been said, here’s to a changing of the seasons, to flowing dresses and skirts, to warm weather, and most of all to the coming of summer.