Chewbacca not so good in kitchen.  Kraft Mac’n’Cheese go crazy for.  Elbows only.  Shapes for children and pussies.  Most time just pick up KFC – still mad they no honor free coupon.  Maybe next time.

Chewbacca not junk food eater all time though.  Like organic. Carrots, peas, avacados, others.  No eat broccoli though; give bad gas.  Leia leave room at night – no like dutch oven.

Best favorite is wings.  Spicy better.  No like chains.  Chains for phonies.  Hole in the wall much better – can focus on wing.  118 personal record.  You no come close.  Only problem, Chewbacca shed.  Sometime get hair on wing.  Spit up hairball when get home.

Try post soon.  Need go workout, try audition for next Twighlight movie.  Take care.  Fuck Force.