Warm weather is here – 50* feels like warm after a strong winter.  Spring is edging upon the horizon and about to see a lot of spring gear out.  Usually flip-flops are an easy choice when hopping out the door, but on casual days think a little harder and check out some nice low cut sneakers.  Seen lots of people picking up the style over the winter and looks like it’ll be a summer filled with ray-bans, aviators, and low cuts.  I love Sperry boat shoes, simple and clean, and so when I bought a pair of Stripers last summer I was hoping they didn’t disappoint.  Other than a strong odor – I believe socks to be only necessary for formal wear and exercise – they have been more than worth the $60 spent.  Sperry’s also come out with an even slimmer version with the 75th Anniversary Line.  Check ’em out on their site (www.sperrytopsider.com).  Van’s got some more colors to choose from as well if you’re looking for variety with the 106 Vulcanized.  Everyone’s getting a little closer and closer to Plimsolls, which just about every casual brand carries.  If you wanna go full steam, check out the Plims over on topman (www.topman.com).  Ditch the Rainbow’s for a day and have a walk around town.

*Picture – Striper CVO (www.sperrytopsider.com)